Meditation near Marlborough and HungerfordAbout Meditation

Learning the simple disciplines of meditation can help reduce the day’s stress and quickly invoke a sense of inner peace and calm.

Practiced for thousands of years, meditation was originally used as a means to deepen spirituality and understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life. Commonly now it is used for relaxation and to reduce the stress caused by our busy and often complicated lives. Anyone can learn to meditate and the benefits can include reduced worry, increased productivity in work and at home, restful sleep and promotion of a general feeling of physical and emotional wellbeing.

In learning to meditate we focus our attention and remove the flow of thoughts that may be occupying our minds and causing stress. Through practice we begin to realise a deep state of relaxation and a tranquilility. Meditation is simple and inexpensive and the methods we discover can eventually be practiced wherever we are; on a walk, in a waiting room, on a journey, even around difficult meetings and negotiations or when facing challenges in work and at home.

Meditation Group

Our meditation group is taking a break, but we hope to relaunch it in a different format at a later date.  I run this group in partnership with Chris Paul of Creative Difference.  Chris is a qualified counsellor and coach and works a lot with meditation, especially guided imagery.  Contact me or Chris if you want to know more.