February Special Offer

This month, Zee is helping you to express your appreciation of LOVE using a true pamper gift, whether for a loved one or to honour self love. She is offering a DUO SPECIAL of beautiful and illuminating Japanese Facial Lifting Massage treatments, available until the end of February at the special price of £75.00. This comprises two treatments, preferably within a week of each other. For bookings and gift vouchers, please email: zee.equanimity@gmail.com
Mobile: +44 7485 154558

Mother/Daughter duo Facial Reflex Therapy special!

Zee is offering Facial Reflex Therapy treatments for hormonal balancing and overall wellbeing, aimed at mothers and their teenage daughters.

Many teen girls today are suffering from hormonal imbalances, irregular cycles or/and painful periods. This impacts on their busy lives on so many levels and affects school work/attendance, their sports life, their home and social life, emotional wellbeing and confidence. Facial Reflexology can help – naturally. It’s just £75.

Appointment 1: Mother – experience the benefits of Facial Reflex Therapy.
Appointment 2: Daughter – Mother to observe the session; a follow on workshop can be arranged for home treatments.

For more information or an appointment, please contact Zee on:

August Special Offer

Our Special Offerfor August is my lovely Full Body Pamper.  First we do a full body scrub to slough away dead skin and brighten up your skin tone, then we massage in lovely essential oils to nourish and feed the skin, leaving it flexible and soft.  This treatment is good both pre or post holiday, or simply to freshen up your skin. It takes 90 minutes, and normally costs £80, but for August I am charging just £69.

For treatments, special offers or anything at all call me on 07818 644094or email on lorna@qwb.me.  Please also browse my websiteto see what else we offer!

Tarot readings in January

To help with the shock of the new year, Chris is doing a Special Offer on Tarot card readings –  he is offering them in January for £32.00, rather than the normal £37.00.  Readings take about 45 minutes.

These readings can help you work through difficult decisions, dilemmas or simply to aid reflection on your life. They differ from ordinary tarot readings as they are interactive, using the archetypal images on the cards to stimulate thought and reflection. Everything discussed during a reading is confidential.  You can book one by contacting Quiescence, or contacting him directly on 07515 759 587.

January Special Offer!

We are not doing a special offer for December because of the Christmas break, but our Special Offer for January is a special Hot Stone Pamper Package. I combine warming basalt stones and therapeutic crystals in a massage treatment covering first the back, neck and shoulders, and then the head and face to cleanse and relax you further!  The treatment takes 90 minutes and normally costs £75.00, but in January I’m offering it for only £60.00!  It’s a lovely treatment and I highly recommend it!

November Special Offer – Aromatherapy Facial

Our Special Offer for November is an exquisite Aromatherapy Facial.  It includes a specific blend of aromatherapy oils for a truly unique facial – I will help you choose what oils are right for you.  It includes a shoulder, neck, hand and face massage. The treatment takes 60 minutesand normally costs £50.00, but in November I’m offering it for only £40.00!  

October Special Offer

Our Special Offer for October is our Full Body Pamper.  This is an awesome treatment that includes a wonderful full body scrub and exfoliation that makes your skin super smooth and soft, followed by a soothing massage with oils that restores the skin and relaxes every muscle in your body.  Give yourself the works! The treatment takes 90 minutes and normally costs £79.00, but in October I’m offering it for only £68.00!  And if you don’t have time for the full works, you can simply have the exfoliation which takes 30 minutes and normally costs £36.00, but which I will do for £30.00 in October.

September special offer!

Our ‘Back to School’ Special Offer for September is Indian Head Massage.  Fantastic to help you relax after the stress of the summer holidays ending. Just lie back, relax, and pretend you’re on a beach in Goa!

The treatment takes 45 minutes and normally costs £42.00, but in September I’m offering it for only £37.00!  

August Special Offer – Crystal Healing

Our Special Offer for August is something to really love yourself with (or give as a loving gift to another), a Crystal Healing Treatment.   You can use this to target specific difficulties in the body, or as a consultation and spa for your body’s energy.  The treatment takes 60 minutesand normally costs £44, but in August I’m offering it for only £39!  If you’ve never  had one with me before then we will need an extra 30 minutesfor a consultation, and I am offering the consultation for £10 rather than £14.