August Special Offer – Crystal Healing

Our Special Offer for August is something to really love yourself with (or give as a loving gift to another), a Crystal Healing Treatment.   You can use this to target specific difficulties in the body, or as a consultation and spa for your body’s energy.  The treatment takes 60 minutesand normally costs £44, but in August I’m offering it for only £39!  If you’ve never  had one with me before then we will need an extra 30 minutesfor a consultation, and I am offering the consultation for £10 rather than £14. 

July Special Offer – Craniosacral Therapy


Our Special Offer for July is our Craniosacral Thearpy, offered by Sarah.  The treatment aims to help unblock energy and work to release trauma, see our feature on it below.  The treatment takes 60 minutes and normally costs £47, but in June I’m offering it for only £42.00! 

A hands-on, fully clothed, very gentle treatment that allows the therapist to listen to the client’s Craniosacral Rhythm (in the Cerebrospinal fluid, that flows into membranes of the brain and bathes the spinal column) and ascertain where there are areas of trauma and energy blockage. The use of Somato-emotional release and dialogue techniques can also be helpful in releasing and relaxing the blockages and renewing the Craniosacral System.