Neal’s Yard Sale! 25% off!

organic beauty product sale hungerfordI am holding a sale of luscious Neal’s Yard organic beauty and health products for April!  I’ve specially selected a small range of their products for you to try out at a reduced rate, with 25% off the Neal’s Yard recommended price!  This is a one time offer, so when the product is gone then that’s it – just one of each on the list below. Contact me now to get yours!

Item Ordinary Price 25% off
Nurturing Rose Conditioner (dry & dammaged hair) £11.50 £8.63
Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture (dry skin) £25.00 £18.75
Nourishing Orange Flower Night Cream (dry skin) £25.00 £18.75
Purifying Palmarosa Daily Moisture (Oily or Combination skin)  SOLD £16.00 £12.00
Sensual Jasmine Body Oil £20.00 £15.00
Facial Oil
Orange Flower (dry skin) £24.75 £18.56
Rejuvenating Franicense (all skin types) SOLD £28.50 £21.38
Revitalising Face Scrub £15.00 £11.25
Calming After-Shave Balm £15.50 £11.63
Men’s Health Supplement £16.50 £12.38
Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Boost £15.00 £11.25
Organic Detox Tea – SOLD £2.99 £2.24

For a small extra charge these can be gift wrapped and posted as a gift.  Otherwise you can collect these from me directly, or through Herongate Leisure Centre.  Happy Shopping!


Building Work Starts

Building work has started on the new business premises I’m sharing with counsellor Chris Paul!  It will take about three weeks for the building to be gutted and remodelled.  The building is being insulated, rewired, is having a shower put in and being decorated to offer a fabulous spa style facility!  It’s on Lower Farm in beautiful Chisbury.  In the summer we hope to have an open day event to celebrate the new facility!

IMG_0120 thumb_IMG_0121_1024

Meditation Group dates and location

Meditation in Hungerford and MarlboroughThe Saturday meditation group is not meeting on Saturday 12th and 19th of March.  We will be meeting 26th March during Easter, but in Hungerford rather than Chisbury.  This is because of the building works on our premises, which are expected to run for 4 weeks from 21st March.  During that time we will hold the group in Hungerford – contact me or Chris Paul for details.